Copper diamond shaped stud earrings

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Starting with a sheet of copper I saw out by hand the individual diamond shapes, hammer the surface to create a lovely tactile texture and then dome each one before soldering on a sterling silver post to the back.

I love the beautiful colours copper can turn when you heat it, reds, oranges, umber, and I offer these earrings in two colour finish options; shiny or heat coloured.  With the shiny finish I remove the surface heat colour and with the heat colour I leave them the colour they turned under the torch.  Please be aware that the colours do vary, but all are beautiful.

I give each earring a couple of coats of a clear metal lacquer or wax, this helps to slow the oxidisation process copper is renowned for  This will eventually wear off as the item is worn but you can always recoat it with a metal lacquer (or clear nail varnish)..

 Please do refer to the Jewellery care and sizing page for more information on copper.

I try to keep these in stock but do have to make to order when demand is high so please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Message me for a lead time if you are curious and I'll happily let you know.

Please bare in mind that each item is handmade, therefore variations in texture are all part of their charm.