Wire wrapped silver stone ring

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Each of these rings are made by wrapping the beautiful copper wire around the semi precious stone, each one turns out unique and slightly different from another, and please note the photos are for reference to show the style of the ring and colour of the stone.  All stones (except the Swarovski pearl which is a glass bead base with crushed up real pearls coated on top) are all natural and therefore variation in colour and pattern are expected and part of their natural charm. As with the wrap around the stone, each wrap can look a little different, making them all individual.

I do try to keep some of these in stock but generally I do have to make to order as stones and sizes make so many variants to account for so please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Message me for a lead time if you are curious and I'll happily let you know.

Please bare in mind that each item is handmade, therefore variations in texture are all part of their charm.