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Copper wrap ring

Copper wrap ring

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Gorgeously different copper wrapped ring featuring a handmade sterling silver ball for beautiful contrast.  This ring is also adjustable making it a perfect present, or keep it for yourself and switch which finger it adorns.

This ring measures about 10mm at its widest part.  Available in both shiny finish and heat coloured finish.

Please allow 7-10 days till posting date as your size will be made to order.

This ring will come in a branded jewellery box, they will come with a Jewellery Care card and also a polishing cloth, where availability allows, making the perfect gift to give or to keep.

Please bare in mind that each item is handmade, therefore variations in texture are all part of their charm.

Check out the Jewellery Care page for cleaning and care information.

The Perfect Treat

⭐ Your jewellery will come in a box or cotton pouch, with a jewellery care card and a polishing cloth, where availability allows, making the perfect gift to give or treat to yourself.


🌿 Silver I use recycled sterling silver in all my pieces.

🌿 Copper Some of my designs include copper, sometimes I leave it heat coloured and sometimes I shine it up.  I will coat the copper in clear metal lacquer or wax to slow down oxidisation.

🌿 Semi precious stones I buy my stones from a couple of selected sources who ethically source their stones.

Making and Posting

📦 I do try to keep most things in stock so you don't have to wait too long for your new jewellery. I aim to have your jewellery made, polished, packaged and at the post office in 5 working days.

📦 Each item is handmade by myself so when demand is high or if the item is in a specific size, like rings, or requires hallmarking, like bangles, then please allow 2 weeks. Message me if you are curious about a lead time before ordering.

Care Instructions

🧡 Store in a box when you're not wearing it to minimise surface tarnish.

🧡 Polish silver with a microfibre cloth to remove tarnish from the surface.

💛 Apply creams and perfume and allow to absorb before putting on your jewellery.  If it gets onto your jewellery wash in mild soapy water and dry thoroughly.

💚 Remove your jewellery before bathing or swimming, and especially in hot tubs.

💙 Take extra care when cleaning around stones.

💜 Silver will tarnish over time but on some people it will darken quicker simply due to natural oils in the skin or products used on the skin.

🤍 Copper is notorious for both tarnishing and for turning green.  The tarnish can be cleaned with a copper cleaner, or with lemon juice and salt.  The green, Verdigris, happens with moisture contact, it is not toxic and will wash off of skin with soap and water, copper can be coated with clear metal lacquer to give a barrier.

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Customer Reviews

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Shiny version - Not as thick as in the picture

In hindsight I'm not happy with this ring, I ordered the shiny one which now looks like the dull one. The silver blob doesn't look silver at all and it's very thin. Not worth the money

Thank you for your review Tracey, I’m sorry you’re not happy with your ring. Just to clarify on the thickness I always use the same 0.5mm copper to give it the flexibility to wrap but if you’d prefer a thicker copper then that I can do. Regarding the colour change copper will naturally oxide, like pennies do, which is why I pop a bit in the description and on the jewellery care card I send through about it oxidising, just like silver does. A quick polish up with a polish cloth on the silver and either a copper cleaner or lemon juice and salt will bring the shine back, and if you’d like me to clean it this time to bring back the shine then I’m happy to do so. If you’re really unhappy with the ring overall then message me and I can sort out a refund on return of the ring.

Tracey Spaven
Lovely ring

I struggled to decide on the shiny copper or the heat coloured. I bought the shiny one and I love it, although I still like the other one too :o)
It also expands so I can wear it on different fingers . The only slight negative is it's not as wide as I was expecting

  • Handmade jewellery

    The beauty of handmade jewellery is that no two hammer marks are the same, each hand sawn design will be slightly different, and you know that your beautiful jewellery will have been lovingly made by me, Zoe, in my home studio for you to wear and enjoy for years to come.