Little copper bowl

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Cut and hand raised disks of copper to create dainty little bowls.  These are perfect for rings, spare change, even as a candle plate (but do place on a non flammable surface and be aware copper gets hot when heated!). Listed are choice of sizes, but just ask if you'd like different sizes. And there's a choice of finished colour too, shiny copper finished with a layer of protective wax, or the beautiful (and never two the same) colour left from heating up the copper under a very hot flame, again finished with a coat of wax.  

Photos are representative but not the actual bowl you will receive.  Each bowl is handmade and therefore will be slightly different from every other I make, and heat coloured can vary quite a bit.

Please do refer to the Jewellery care and sizing page for more information on copper.

I do try to keep these in stock but do have to make to order when demand is high so please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Message me for a lead time if you are curious and I'll happily let you know.