Care Instructions

🧑 Store in a box when you're not wearing it to minimise surface tarnish.

🧑 Polish silver with a microfibre cloth to remove tarnish from the surface.

πŸ’› Apply creams and perfume and allow to absorb before putting on your jewellery.Β  If it gets onto your jewellery wash in mild soapy water and dry thoroughly.

πŸ’š Remove your jewellery before bathing or swimming, and especially in hot tubs.

πŸ’™ Take extra care when cleaning around stones.

πŸ’œ Silver will tarnish over time but on some people it will darken quicker simply due to natural oils in the skin or products used on the skin.

🀍 Copper is notorious for both tarnishing and for turning green.  The tarnish can be cleaned with a copper cleaner, or with lemon juice and salt.  The green, Verdigris, happens with moisture contact, it is not toxic and will wash off of skin with soap and water, copper can be coated with clear metal lacquer to give a barrier.