Ring sizer

Ring sizer

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If you would love to order a ring but are unsure of your ring size then this handy ring sizer is what you need. 

It works like a belt, adjusting to different sizes to comfortably find sizes on different fingers. 

Things to know

  • Your fingers may change size depending on how warm or cold they are, this can cause between a half and whole size difference. 
  • Wider rings need a larger ring size to fit comfortably, a half to a whole size bigger than this thinner belt measures. 
  • You need a bit of resistance over the knuckle to ensure ring won’t slip off your finger. 

When you order a ring after purchasing a ring sizer I’ll discount to cost of the ring sizer from your order. 

If you require an alteration on the size of a ring you’ve ordered from me then get in touch and that can be arranged, subject to postage charges.